Choosing That Perfect Wedding Date

Choosing That Perfect Wedding Date

Many couples will be getting engaged this holiday season. Between Christmas and New Year, 20% of the year’s proposals will be taking place. As a result, many couples will start to feel the pressure of setting a wedding date. We have some tips for figuring out the perfect date for every couple.

New Year's Proposal

Summer Wedding

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June is the most popular month to get married. It owes its popularity to the weather, which is an important determining factor for couples. There are no real holidays to avoid in summer besides the 4th of July, which can be a fun theme to play with for weddings. Additionally, the flowers are all in season, and people have an easier time taking off work to attend. There is just one potential fly in the ointment. Depending on where your wedding is located, the heat can put a literal damper on your event. Summer can have excessive heat, and bugs are something to think about. If you or your partner melt in temperatures above 70, this is not the wedding season for you.

Fall Wedding

Fall weddings are the next most popular after June. Average temperatures across the country vary from 72 degrees in Florida to 27 degrees in Alaska. Fall is also the beginning of the holiday season that starts with Halloween and ends with Thanksgiving. As a result, there are many floral colors and themes to play with for Fall. Veteran’s Day is a popular wedding weekend choice because most people have the following Monday off work. Autumn weather can also be variable with rain, cold snaps, and even snow. There can also be conflicts with football games, holidays, and school schedules.

Winter Weddings

The winter wedding season is riddled with holidays and dates to avoid. From Kwanza to Super Bowl Sunday, couples need to be really careful about picking their date. However, if you can find an agreeable date, there are many benefits to Winter weddings. First of all, many venues and vendors offer off-season discounts. Your guests may also be more able to travel and take advantage of off-season discounts on travel and lodging. The biggest benefit of having Winter nuptials are the decor and theme options. Metallics, crystals, whites, greenery, there are so many ways to create an amazing winter wonderland for your wedding.

Spring Weddings

Spring weddings are a great time for nuptials. A splashy, colorful wedding is a welcome break from the doldrums of Winter. The weather is warming, and flowers are blooming; the earth is waking up again after a long slumber. Spring weddings have a few things to take into consideration. Your event and guests will be competing with spring breakers and proms for vendors and hotels. Other than that, the spring is a perfect time to plan a spring fling wedding.

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At first, we thought all-inclusive meant just having all the infrastructure ready to go for the couple, so what looks like such a simply beautiful, largely outdoor wedding could be as clean and simple as the lines of the tent.  There should be no hassles about getting in all the infrastructure and having it ready for your wedding. We did not want to witness a rental truck showing up at the last minute and a mom or bridesmaid, or the couple themselves, setting up chairs and tables–even mowing the yard–on the morning of the wedding.  These were all things Jeanne witnessed repeatedly over the years. No wonder people were exhausted before their wedding even began…