Wedding Trends: Flower Grannies!

Wedding Trends: Flower Grannies!

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Photos by Erica Mueller Photography
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Move over flower kids, it’s time for Flower Grannies!

Stealing the show at weddings all across the U.S., Flower Grannies are the latest (and cutest!) wedding trend. Flower grandmas, or “flower grannies”, are a rising trend in unconventional wedding parties. One such wedding that included them in their ceremony was the wedding between Kelsey and Christian at Hidden River.

The Wedding Grannies wore matching gowns and tossed flower petals as they walked down the aisle. Smiling with pride and an unmistakable joy that you can clearly see in the photos. To couples like Kelsey and Christian, having their grandmothers be their flower girls is an honor. For the grannies, it is an unexpected and wonderful surprise to be so involved in this momentous occasion.

Many modern couples are tinkering with tradition as they personalize their weddings, and that includes placing grandparents in more visible positions like flower girl or ring bearer, best man or bridesmaid. It’s a loving way to celebrate grandparents who were involved and influential in their upbringing.

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