5 Reasons Why Mountain Weddings Rock!

5 Reasons Why Mountain Weddings Rock!

People choose destination weddings for different reasons – new experiences, exploration, to find that vibe the symbolizes their union. Mountain weddings combine the bohemian feel being immersed in nature with a twist of escaping the chaos of the city. There are several ways to take what Mother Nature and your venue have to offer and amplify it for a one of a kind event. Hidden Rivers Events boasts 7 unique wedding sites just minutes away from Asheville – the bohemian capital of the Appalachians. Hidden River Events has been listed as #2 on The Knot’s 24 Most Beautiful Mountainside Wedding Locations in America as well as listed in Asheville’s Most Romantic Outdoor Wedding Venues. Here are 5 reasons why mountain weddings are an unforgettable choice!

1. Do What Comes Naturally!

Decorating a wedding can be a huge undertaking, just picking out the theme colors can be nerve-wracking. The cool thing about having a mountain wedding is nature is your decorator. What swag of flowers can compete with a breathtaking mountain view?The best decor complements nature and does not compete with it. Use a very natural green with a white or cream color. Utilize nature by decorating with succulents, moss, and ferns. For summer weddings, cornflower blue and yellows pop against the colorful mountains. In the Fall, burgundies, burnt orange, and rust are popular colors. A great idea is to use an oriental rug at the ceremony site that matches the muted colors of Fall. You came to the mountains for natural beauty-whatever the season let her do her thing!

2. The Hills Are Alive!

Music is an important part of any wedding. Embrace the mountains and the local music scene by bringing in a Bluegrass band or local group instead of a DJ. Another fun alternative is having someone come in and teach folk dancing, or call square dancing. It’s different and your guests will enjoy interacting with each other and learning something new. Check the Orange Peel for upcoming concerts. There is a rich and diverse culture of music in Asheville-from ska to classical harpists. Hire local musicians to play your events who will bring their personality as well as their instruments to your event.

3. Put the Active in Local Activities!

People come to the mountains for hiking, mountain biking, zip-lining, and white water rafting. Don’t let your guests leave without taking advantage of everything the mountains have to offer. Organize excursions to local trails, it’s a great ice breaker and positive way to interact. Check with your venue to see if they offer transportation or have relationships with local tour groups. Your guests will never forget the wedding they went to in the mountains and the first time they went zip lining!

4. Eat, Drink, and be Merry!

Asheville is known for its rich culinary options. From gastropubs to theme restaurants- take advantage of the food scene to create unforgettable meals. Asheville is also known for its breweries, wineries, and local-made liquors. Consider stocking the bar for your event with local concoctions. Most offer flights and tastings that would be a fun activity to add to your wedding events.
Hidden Rivers Events is centrally located to everything Asheville has to offer. Your guests can enjoy a beer at one of the many theme breweries and fifteen minutes later be nestled back in the farm feel of your venue. From hippy watching in downtown Asheville to hiking a private trail in less than a half-hour. Asheville offers so much diversity it can be several experiences in one!

5. Then Venue With The Best View!

When picking a spot for a mountain wedding, you should be looking for the entire package. You want the views, the local charm, the vibe you are trying to create by coming to the mountains. Hidden Rivers Events has 7 distinct wedding sites to choose from in one venue. You can have your country wedding with an old fashioned surrey pulled by Dr. Love the reliable draft horse who can usher the bride to the wedding site. You can enjoy the calming river site or get married under the watchful gaze of an ancient sycamore. All of the sites have a few things in common-they are beautiful, they are all-powerful symbols of time and love, and all guarantee that nature will be your decorator, your officiant, and will bless the union with an unintended beautiful hawk or crane flying by. You came to the mountains for a reason-find that bohemian mountain vibe and leave the busy world behind.

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