Celebrating Diversity

At Hidden River “all inclusive” doesn’t just refer to chairs, tables, vendors, etc.  It refers to our core philosophy that all living entities matter and that all forms of loving are cherished.


Since our inception, we have honored couples who are too often not recognized in our society:  mixed race couples, people of color, transgendered couples, couples with a variety of religious commitments, couples who are pregnant or who already have children, couples who want “cos-play” and video game themed weddings, and even the fact that our pets (dogs, teacup piggies, etc. are part of our family and should be included in the wedding ceremony if desired). We respect all living beings who treat each other with respect and kindness.


We want every aspect of our work with you, from the moment you see images on our website, to the moment you leave our property, to be permeated with this respect. Hidden River should look like all the colors of the world, from our flowers to the people and animals we serve and care for.