The 2021 Engagement Ring: Not Just For Diamonds Anymore


The 2021 Engagement Ring: Not Just For Diamonds Anymore

It’s proposal season, and that means engagement ring shopping. More people get engaged between Christmas and New Years’ than any other time of year. If your relationship has entered proposal territory this winter, then rings are on your mind. Diamonds are the traditional stone of engagement rings, but 2021 brings some new options besides diamonds. As a result, there are many more options this season, and here are some of our favorites.

engagement ringThe Engagement Ring Classic

Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend. A survey of 21,000 couples engaged in 2019 showed 83% chose a round, white diamond sparkler as their wedding stone. Princess cut, emerald cut, and marquise are still prevalent in the diamond category. The three-stone diamond engagement ring is a popular new twist on the traditional diamond ring.

Engagement Rings: Emeralds Have It

It is an emerald’s time to shine in 2021. The gorgeous green baubles are becoming increasingly popular as an engagement stone. Emeralds symbolize peace and new beginnings, making it a perfect engagement stone.

Vintage Is Back

Vintage rings are back. Princess rings, gold mesh, filagree, and styles of long ago are the new ring. From family heirlooms to purchased rings, vintage adds a bit of character and nostalgia to the engagement ring choices.

A Rose Cut By Any Other Name

The new diamond cut is the rose cut. The rose cut dates back to the 1500s but is experiencing a renaissance in 2021. It is flat on the bottom and has a domed top to resemble a rose. As a result, the diamond is not as sparkling as a round cut but looks more significant than its actual carat weight.

Alexandrite: The Chameleon Of Engagement Stones

Alexandrite is becoming the stone for 2021. It is a radiant ring that changes colors based on the angle and lighting. Alexandrite ranges from green to blue to Fushia and orange. It is an unusual and fashion-forward ring for 2021 brides.

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