The Planning Process At Hidden River Events

Once a couple books with us, they are put in the hands of Grace. Throughout the entire engagement, Grace and her Event Management Team are responsible for keeping track of, and organizing, the details and decisions made by each couple. The details of each wedding are cared for as expressions of love from each couple we serve. We know, for example, that on your wedding day, a napkin is not just a napkin. Everything about the day becomes a part of the celebration of your love and union, and we take great care to execute your plans perfectly. 


Grace serves as your primary contact until your wedding week. She and her team are meticulous with organization and communication. All of your decisions, additions, and requests go directly to her and she will make sure that everyone else has exactly what they need to execute your event beautifully according to your exact plans. Your vendors will be kept up to date about your choices, guest count, and timing. Our staff will be kept up to date about your set up and needs for the day. We have heard over and over again that having this one contact for communication has been a key factor in providing ease and a sense of security during planning. 


During your engagement you will be given access to a planning site that walks you through the process of making all necessary decisions for your event. It has all the information you need so you can plan according to your own timeline. We work with couples who do all of their planning within a month of booking, others who do not make any decisions until a couple of months before their wedding, and others who spread it out – making planning a prominent part of their engagement. Some couples plan everything without visiting Hidden River at all. Some couples prefer to do everything in person. Most of our couples are able to visit once before booking and may come back to do a tasting and meet once in person, while doing everything else remotely. Our planning structure truly allows you to be as involved or as uninvolved as you would like to be. 


Along with this planning site, couples will have two key documents that help keep things organized.  You will have a live invoice that you and your family can access at any time, showing an itemized view of your total costs, everything that has been paid, and everything that is still due. Once the bulk of the major decisions have been made you will also have a live document called your wedding protocol. The protocol has all of your details in one place, and highlights everything that still needs to be done. 


On the day of your wedding we provide you with a Day-of-Coordinator who is present from 11am until the end of the event. This person has seen your plans and protocol beforehand and executes your event according to the decisions you have made. Throughout the whole process your communication is with people who care for you and your event. We willl take care of all the details so on your wedding day you can be present to what is happening.