What is and why have a Micro Wedding?

What is and why have a Micro Wedding?

So what is a micro wedding besides being today’s hottest wedding trend? To put it simply, it’s a small wedding. An abbreviated celebration of marriage that has only a handful of invited guests. It is shorter in duration and is more simple in format. Relaxed in atmosphere, it is way less stressful to plan than a regular wedding. A micro wedding keeps the guest list intentionally small. This allows you to throw a tasteful, totally on-trend affair that’ll keep your wedding right on budget. If you’ve started planning your wedding, you already know that the budget can get out of hand pretty fast. The Knot’s most recent annual wedding survey says couples are spending an average of $33,900 on their special day. Business Insider puts that number closer to $40,000!

Many couples who decide to have a micro wedding try to keep the guest list at 25 people or less. They often opt for as few as a dozen guests. It can be difficult to trim your wedding guest list, but possible if you’re honest with family and friends from the start. Explain that you’ve both decided to have an intimate wedding, give the reasons why, and acknowledge potential hurt feelings with compassion and understanding.

What are the advantages of micro weddings?

1. Quick

Generally, a micro wedding goes for 2-3 of hours, just enough time to have a meaningful ceremony, enjoy some drinks and nibbles and have some photographs taken to remember the occasion. Larger after-parties or receptions at another venue like a restaurant sometimes follow.

2. Affordable

It can be much easier to keep sight of your budget when there are only 15 vs 150 guests.

3. Better Food/Drink

With less guests you can really splash out on gourmet food, French champagne or your favourite live performer that you might not have otherwise been able to afford.

4. Pretty Stressless

Keeping your wedding in one location reduces the logistical back and forth of multiple sites and many venues offer a vetted list of professional wedding suppliers they trust for additional services, saving you time shopping around.

5. Quality time with your guests

Limiting your guest list encourages you and your fiancé to really think about who is key in your lives, who you value and want to spend time with.

Having a tiny wedding is a great way to celebrate with a small group of people you truly care about. Not only that, you can have all the elements of your dream wedding on a smaller scale, which brings the cost down considerably. And we call that a true win-win situation. So if you’re looking for ways to save money but still have a stunning wedding, a micro wedding may just be the solution you’ve been looking for.


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